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Sermons & Services

We are keen to share our faith and regularly record the sermons from our Sunday worship for you to listen to. If you are either touched by or would like to discuss any of the issues raised please feel free to contact one of the people on our contacts page. We will be adding to this list as frequently as we can, so check back regularly for new content.

The video slide-deck below accompanies the reflections on the Cahaba Park trip

Monty Talks about new beginings

Monty Talks on Ephesians 5; What we should look like if we believe chapters 2 and 3. God like, love filled lives, drink, sex and the way we speak. Why we have rules and how by not living up to them we can damage our witness.

Monty talks on Exodus 15; What if it is all true? Why God is just. Why God can appear hard to our modern understanding. Why is the resurrection so important? What can we do about it?

Monty continues his series on Encounters with Jesus: Why do some say they believe in Jesus but not in church?

Gentle Jesus meek and mild????? Show off and hypocrites. Lament and Woes. Theological bouncers, sectarian globe trotters, justice and mercy. The spiritually unhygienic and spiritually dead, rewriters of history and camel swallers.

Have you ever made a mistake?  Have you ever wished you could turn back time? Nicodemus meets Jesus at night. Is obeying the rules enough? Can a religious life be a way to salvation?

Monty continues he talks on "encounters with Jesus"   "Jesus: more than healer? Where does Jesus' healing ministry fit in with his mission and purpose in coming?" The relationship between our physical and spiritual needs

Terry Price talks about the chaps who brought their friend to Jesus and tore a hole in a roof to get him to the feet of the master. Terry addresses issues like, how far we prepared to go to get to Jesus, how much do we cherish the word and to what lengths would we go the lead a friend to Jesus.  How much is Jesus at home in our lives.
Ken Gibson talks about Lazarus and his relationship with Jesus, the signs of the passage and where they point. Ken also gave some interesting thoughts on John's Gospel and its origins.
John O'Donnell talks about the woman who washed Jesus feet with her tears and dried them with her hair in the Pharisee's house.
Terry Price speaks on Galatians 4 v.28 " Now you brothers like Isaac are children of promise
Monty talks about Mary and Martha, he talks about the two sisters different attitude towards Jesus.
John O'Donnell talks about the Jews straying from God and relying on their own resources in spite of all God had done for them.
Monty tackles the difficult subject of giving and our attitude to it.