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20th May - what a difference a week makes..
13th May
  • Still awaiting the stairs
  • Painting in progress
  • Tiling complete
  • Final groundswork in progress
27th April
  • Still awaiting the stairs but great progress everywhere
11th March
  • New room insulated, ready for plastering
  • Kitchen/Hall wall insulated at the request of the fire marshall
A few pictures from 3rd March
  • Roof fully slated
  • Passageway roof with roof lights
  • Stained glass windows
  • Rooms ready for internal insulation
A few pictures from 24th February
  • The windows are in and slating of the roof is almost complete
  • The entrance to the wooden hall with a new door out to the gap between wooden hall and new extension
  • The new storage room with cladding almost complete
  • The kitchen as it currently looks - the hot air heater is to be removed as it cant be connected to the new natural gas supply
  • View from the hall of the new toilet windows
  • View from the hall of the windows of the new downstairs meeting room
  • And finally.. our old stained glass windows are back in place, more or less where they were, but now inside and protected from the elements
A few pictures from 3rd February
  • The slating of the roof has commenced 
  • The new storage room is ready for cladding
  • The stairwell from the ground floor (no stairs yet)
  • The toilets taking shape
  • The lower room
  • The stairwell from above
  • The smaller upper room
  • The larger upper room
A few pictures from 27th January
All roof joists are now in place and the west side of the roof has been felted.  The apex of the new roof matches the height of the apex of the transepts.
A few pictures from 20th January as we start into the new year
The roof is on our wood-hall extension, the gable ends of the main roof are up and the roof beams are starting to be added
A few pictures from 14th January as we start into the new year
Work is well advanced on the upper storey despite the cold and wet conditions