Sunday Morning Worship @ 11:00am

Minister: Rev. Gary McDowell

Our Vision

To be a church that reaches out to the men and women of north County Wicklow
with Christ's transforming message of grace, love and forgiveness

Livestreaming of Services
Please note that our services are now being livestreamed using cameras pointed at the front of the church. If you or your family do not wish to appear on these livestreams, even from behind, please choose a seat at the back of the church.
Our current Covid-19 Safety Policy
In the light of general restriction relaxations in society and supporting advice received from the Taoiseach's Office via PCI Church House we have recently reviewed our Covid-19 Safety Policy as follows:
  • Face masks continue to be required at all times in the church building - this involves covering both the mouth and nose.  Those at the Lectern, Pulpit, Keyboards or Soloists may remove masks provided they are at least 2 metres from the congregation.
  • Face masks may be removed for Communion
  • Singing is permitted however masks must be kept on
  • We ask families including young children to sit in the front-most pews of the church
  • We will continue to maximise ventilation at all times (this may mean that the church is cold or draughty, so please dress for cold weather).  Rugs are provided for your comfort.
  • Hand sanitiser is provided, please make use of it.  We encourage everyone to bring their own mask but there should be a limited supply of surgical masks available if you forget
  • Bibles have been returned to the pews.  We will continue to show Bible readings on screen, but provide these for anyone with eyesight issues.  We encourage the use of Bible-reading apps on your phone
  • The Church Hall is no longer available as a church overflow and will be committed to Sunday Club use
  • Tea and Coffee after the service will continue outdoors whenever possible.  If indoors (in the hall), all windows and doors will be kept open and it will be standing fellowship only.  We ask everyone to keep queuing to a minimum, social distance as much as possible and to keep face masks on unless eating or drinking
  • If anyone feels unsafe with these precautions, we continue to provide our services online.  There is also the option of relocating to seats vacated by the children when they leave for Sunday Club.
  • Our Sunday Club will continue to be run by vaccinated and Garda-vetted volunteers wearing masks.  Children are asked to remain seated and socially distanced throughout the time in our hall. Parents are welcome to accompany their young children in Sunday Club and must accompany pre-school children, unless agreed with another parent
  • Members and Visitors are asked to exercise personal responsibility at all times.  People may be reminded about this policy if they are not compliant.  If you are feeling unwell, please consider if it would be safer or prudent for you not to attend church at this time
  • Vaccination Certificates are not required to attend a service
  • There is no longer a requirement to pre-register your attendance

Ultimately a Covid safety policy is about compromise and trying to strike an acceptable balance between on-line services only and a complete relaxation of precautions.  The value of a church body meeting in person cannot be understated.  We believe that limiting our personal freedoms at this time is an act of love and respect to all our members and visitors.  Thank you for your consideration and for taking the time to read this.