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Sunday Announcements

We enjoyed a great sermon today on Gideon, "the mighty warrior", as he threshed his grain in a wine press to avoid being spotted by the Midianites

Next week Gary and Dawn will be away and it will see (DV) our own Paul Williams preaching the sermon so this is definitely an occasion not to be missed!  We will also have Linzi Anderson giving our children's talk and Joyce W. will be leading our prayer time.

If you are heading for the Air Display this afternoon, have a great day!


Sunday Announcements

A great service today lead by Andy Gill and the team from the Children's Special Service Mission, where we got to hear about Silly Monkey and his fear of crocodiles and running out of bananas! Unfortunately nobody(!) pressed the record button. - do check out their website to keep track of the day's events

In relation to our Children's Holiday Bible Camp in August, there will only be a very small team from Cahaba this year, so if you can help on the day, assist with catering or administration etc for any of the time, please let Gary know, thanks

Sunday Announcements

Don't forget that CSSM is on from now until Friday-week with the beach service on the South Beach each day at 11:15

The CSSM team will be leading our service next Sunday so make sure not to miss it!

Sunday Announcements

A reminder, should you need it, that Greystones CSSM starts on Sunday 9th July with the Rock Service beside the cove.

The funeral of Laura Dempsey, who died tragically while on holiday recently takes place in St. Patrick's Church at noon tomorrow, July 3rd. Details available here.  We extend our condolences to her family and friends.

Mid-week News

It was announced this week that Carraig Eden, owned and run by the Irish Assemblies of God (IAOG) has been sold to the Department of Housing/Wicklow County Council at the lower end of its market valuation.  IAOG had been planning to sell the property for maximum value to support its other operations but recognised the difficulty this would have created for former residents of Tiglin.  The news comes after the intervention of Simon Harris

Let's pray that the ethos of the work in Carraig Eden will continue and that the new owners will invest in the long-term future of the centre

Sunday Announcements

Please make sure to check out the Sermons today - We have a fantastic set of reflections from the team on their experience and Gary provides a commentary on a set of slides that were shown in Church - the slides are also available on the Sermons page

Sunday Announcements

On Saturday 24th June, Younglife are holding a fundraiser in Hillside Church

At 10am there will be a makeup class - entry €7
At 2pm there will be a professional makeup demonstration - entry €10

Please contact Hayley Cullen for more information

In case you have not been in church for the last couple of weeks, the building has recently been repainted on the exterior and is looking fantastic in a light-grey colour! We have updated our header picture to reflect this.

Blessed are you...

We have been asked to pray for all those with a disability, especially for the residents of Peacehaven

Blesses are you..
  • Who see us as people and not just as the disability, FOR YOU assure us that the thing which makes us individuals is not in our peculiar muscles, not in our wounded nervous systems, nor in our difficulties in learning BUT in the God-given self which no infirmity can confine
  • Who take time to listen to difficult speech and are patient with our problems, FOR YOU help us know that if we persevere, we can be understood and you value what we say and do.
  • Who walk with us in public places and ignore stares of strangers, FOR in your companionship we find havens of relaxation.
  • Who never bid us "hurry up", and more blessed are you who do not snatch our tasks from our hands to do them for us, FOR often we need time rather than help.
  • Who stand beside us as we enter new and untried ventures and take risks, FOR our failures will be outweighed by time when we surprise ourselves and you.
  • Who help us with the graciousness of Christ, FOR often we need help we cannot ask for.
  • Who reach us with the Gospel, FOR we are as much in need of being made whole as anyone else.
  • Who let us share our faith and contribute to the Church, FOR YOU help us know that we have much to give as well as to receive.
  • REJOICE AND BE EXCEEDINGLY GLAD, and know that you give us reassurances that could never be spoken in words, FOR YOU deal with us as Christ dealt with all His children.

Sunday Announcements

The Cahaba Park team will be returning home overnight tonight, arriving just after 7:00am - please pray for a safe journey for them

Our new Moderator, Noble McNeely, together with his wife Florence have asked for our prayers:
  • For people to be committed 'Everyday Disciples'
  • To learn from fellow disciples
  • To share the gospel call to be disciples
  • To be responsible disciples in the public square
  • For Noble and Florence and their spiritual growth as disciples
  • For protection as they travel
  • For the congregation of First Holywood and for their family

Sunday Announcements

The Cahaba Park team all arrived safely and spent Saturday at the lake house of one of the local leaders.

Gary will be speaking at two services today, around 4pm and 6pm Irish Time, so please pray for him.

Our informal Communion Service will take place next Sunday when Jim Carson will be leading our worship

We are still looking for a few volunteers for our Summer Sunday Club so please sign-up if you can.

Sunday Announcements

The Working Men's Breakfast will be in the Manse on Thursday - please don't go to the church hall or you will be on your own!

Joyce Lee continues to organise accommodation for the CSSM team.  Three more beds are needed from July 9th for 2 weeks.  Please contact Joyce if you can help out.

Gary will be away for the next three Sundays returning June 25th.  Jim and Terry will be taking care of pastoral needs during this time.

We are still looking for volunteers to sign up for a week of "Summer Sunday Club" to give our regular team a break.

Thank you to everyone who turned out for the big clean-up yesterday - the buildings and grounds are looking great!

Sunday Announcements

Last Sunday evening our youth group held their own fundraiser for the Cahaba Park Mission holding a Board Games night which raised €237 - Well done guys!

Yesterday we held our final fundraiser with our car-wash day raising another €175.  Many thanks to everyone for their support.

Next Saturday we have our church clean-up day starting at 11:00am. The more help we get, the quicker it will be!

Next Sunday is our Youth & Children's Service - this is always a popular occasion so make sure you don't miss it!!

Sunday Announcements

Today we were delighted to have a visit from our former Youth Leader intern - Jayme Amick, along with her friend Bethany.  It was great to be able to catch up on the news over coffee after the service.

Session meets on Monday @ 7:30 in the Manse - please pray for our elders as they plan the work of the church

Action Arts Teen Group (led by our own Hazel Lowry) is running a show in the Mermaid Theatre in Bray, featuring Cian Hall in Fiddler on the roof

Finally a reminder of the Carwash day and Church cleanup day coming up soon (see below)

Sunday Announcements

Our monthly Praise Service is tonight @ 6:30.  The theme is "God's Big Picture"

At our Afternoon Tea fundraiser yesterday we had a great turnout and raised a fantastic €727!  Thank you to everyone for your support.  

On Saturday 20th May from 9:30 to Noon there will be a Car Wash day @ 105 Deepdales, Southern Cross, Bray in aid of the Cahaba Park trip.

On Saturday 27th May we are having a clean-up day at the church, commencing at 11:00am.  This can't happen without you!

Volunteers are needed for our Summer Sunday Club.  If you could volunteer for just one week, that would be great.  Materials will be provided.

Cahaba Park will be making a return visit to Greystones at the beginning of August (approx. 5-12 August) and while they normally stay at a Bed and Breakfast, it would be great to give them the option of staying in people's homes.  If you would be prepared to host someone, please let Gary know.

Gary is on a training course this week, so while he will not be in Greystones, he will be available by phone or email

Sunday Announcements

This weeks sees the return of the Soup & Sandwich Lunch and Men's Breakfasts - check out the Events Page for more information

Our Sunday Coffee Morning collection will go towards the Peacehaven Trust for the next four weeks. At these coffee mornings we will be continuing with our Book Sales - all proceeds going towards Karigiri Hospital, sponsored by The Leprosy Mission.

The Manse Home Group will be meeting again from this week - contact Gary for more information, all welcome

On Friday this week there will be a Coffee Morning in our hall in aid of the Alzheimer's Society - 10:30 to 12:30

On Saturday there will be a special fundraiser for the Cahaba Park youth team - consisting of Afternoon Tea for all Ladies & Girls - 2:30 to 4:00 in the hall

Finally to say that there will be a Post-Alpha group meeting in the Manse on Friday evenings for four weeks commencing this Friday - again, contact Gary for details.

The Power of Stories

Tonight, Wednesday 26th, Dr. Ian Dickinson will be at the YWCA in Greystones speaking on the topic of the power of stories as a way of engaging with radical Christian perspectives on people with learning difficulties.  Please contact Joyce Lee ( or 01-2874221) for more information.  The session starts at 7pm and is free of charge

Beatrice Gunning

We were saddened on Sunday 23rd April to hear of the death of Beatrice Gunning who had been unwell recently.  
Beatrice was a great supporter of our Church and we express our condolences to her extended family.  

Beatrice was well known around Greystones and in July 2016, the Greystones Guide did a feature on her.  She also featured in the Bray People in 2014 with an interesting brief biography

Funeral details are available here